What People Are Saying About Raychelle's

Presentations and Books...

"Awesome!!!  Lots of Take Homes!  So worth it!"


"I love Raychelle.   She is so genuine and helpful."


"Very informative and practical-solution presentation.  Thank you!"


"Awesome presenter, energetic, spunky, and super knowledgeable.  I could mic her in my ear telling me what to say as I present to my faculty.  Motivating and new perspectives on handling and working w/ anger."


"I only wish I had access to your workshop and strategies two years ago.  I really do believe these steps and activities would have helped me to help a young man before his expulsion from school.  Very informative and beneficial, I will use."


"Phenomenal!  I have so many ideas to take with me!"


"Excellent program!  I can't wait to implement these ideas at my school."


"I appreciate the demonstration of activities that we can actually use - instead of just theory.  Very applicable."


"The Anger Workbook For Teens"

"In my work as a public high school counselor, I have found this timely workbook on Anger Management for Teens to be enormously helpful. The 'anger questionnaire' and guidelines on 'scheduling times' to work on particular aspects of anger have been particularly useful. I have already recommended this workbook to several colleagues and family members. If you or someone you know struggles with teen anger (or even adult anger), this workbook can definitely help you out."


"I highly recommend this resource! The exercises in this workbook promote self-reflection as well as help teens develop better communication skills. As a licensed school counselor and professional counselor, I've reached for this workbook time and time again. Furthermore, as a supervisor I've recommended this workbook to my supervisees as a "must have" for their library. Great workbook! One of the best!"


"I purchased this book to use as a resource for teens that I work with. I currently have two teens who are using this independently and it has been helpful in structuring our psychotherapy sessions."