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October 2015
- The Grass is Greener - Bullying Summit
- Violence In Society

August 2015
- Belfast Telegraph - Ireland

April 2015
- Complete Wellbeing - India

January 2015
- Relationships 2.0 Radio Show

October 2014
- Difference Maker (http://www.crisisprevention.com/)

February 2014
- Scholastic Choices Magazine - From Gah!!! To Ahh ... (Teen Stress) (READ HERE)

October 2013 -Let's Get Real Show @getrealshow speaking about Teen Violence.

September 2013 - Chicago Tribune Interview on "Creating a Safety "Net" for Kids (READ HERE); Saludify "Codependency in Children" (READ HERE)

August 2013 - Let's Get Real Show @getrealshow speaking about Teen Sexting.

June 2013 - KCAA Radio Interview on Michelle Skeen's Relationships 2.0 Show speaking about Teen Bullying.

March 2013 - TexasConflictCoach.com (LISTEN HERE)

February 2013 - Edition of American Counseling Association's Monthly Publication - The Effects Bullying has on Students.

January 2013 - Associated Press interview on Teen Stress (READ HERE)

October 2012 - Experts: Cyberbullying No Laughing Matter. Cadillac News (READ HERE)

September 2012 - The Bill Edwards Show 1290 WTKS on Bullying

August 2012 - Dessert News in Salt Lake City, Utah Interview on IED and Anger. (READ HERE)

July 2012 - CNN Radio Interview with Barbara Hall on Sexting.
KCAA Radio Interview on Michelle Skeen's Relationships 2.0 Show speaking about Teen Anger and Bullying. Listen to my interview HERE.

November 2011 - SC Educational Television interview on Teens and Career Decision Making.

September 2011 - American Counseling Association's "Counseling Today" Interview on "Issues Facing Today's Students".

August 2011 - Listen Up™ w/ Justin Jones-Fosu on Maryland's Public Radio Station WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore, MD. Interview on "Teen Sexting".

July 2011 - Baruch College Campus Newspaper - Interview on "Teens Use of Technology".

June 2011 - "Voice of Reason" with Zo Williams on FoxxholeSirius-xm satellite. Discussion on "Teen Anger"

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